Being well and smelling beautiful is the ultimate luxury.

As a Naturopath, I was able to formulate the perfect precious certified organic plant perfume that is a multipurpose elixir. The scent is derived from the best mother nature has to offer that evoke a pure sense that is as luxurious as it is natural.

LOVE contains precious oils, pure essential oils, ethically sourced plants, flowers, fruit pulps and seeds. 

Natural Beauty will elevate you, boost your mood and take care of your wellness. It is a positive step toward better health and a cleaner world.

LOVE is a Pure Plant Eau De Parfum

Hair + Body + Face Oil

available in 50mls 


5mls Mini Roll On


Place mini roller ball on the inside of wrists, behind the ears, temples, and other pulse points. 

For meditation, grounding, centering and body loving elevation activation, apply the oil in at the third eye, then inside left wrist and right wrist, finish with rolling some on your heart center. Incorporate self love into your daily life and the make the commitment to honour yourself and the earth.

Perfume is one of the most ancient natural luxuries to support your health. Made from herbs, fruits and trees. But, somehow along the time the health benefits got lost in FAKE TOXIC LUXURY! 

Synthetic perfume can make you sick. Headache, nausea and brain fog are side effects that present from toxic chemicals.

The commercial perfume industry was introduced and it’s trajectory at the expense of our well-being using ingredients that are made of chemicals and are poisonous to our beautiful bodies. 

That’s why I created LOVE. A multipurpose elixir that is a healthy plant perfume, hair, body and face oil. 

We don’t have a lot of choice in many of the things we are exposed to, but we can choose what we buy, eat and spray on our body. It’s a matter of minimising our toxic exposure because we know from research that it’s the cumulative effect from a lot of these ingredients that’s most detrimental.

if you knew that inside conventional synthetic chemical bottles and tubes were ingredients that could disrupt your reproductive system? Your hormones? Make you fatter, more sensitive, give you headaches and contribute to serious chronic diseases? Would you use them?

When you start to research and properly look into what actually is in the products that go onto your skin, your body’s biggest organ, you will be genuinely shocked. And when you add up how long you’ve been using them for and the multiple products you use every single day of your life, well, that’s a lot of toxic chemicals you are voluntarily slathering on yourself.

Let me break down the facts. Conventional makeup, skincare and fragrance brands have for years contained chemicals that are toxic and unhealthy: 

1. Phthalates

In lab experiments they’ve been known to cause developmental defects, changes in sperm counts and liver and kidney failure. It’s also inhibited the development of male hormones in fetuses. This is a common ingredient in all fragrances that are not 100% natural. Just so you know. This is the big one to avoid when it comes to perfume, but you won’t know it’s in there because up to 3000 chemicals (including phthalates) can be listed under ‘parfum’, and you could be spraying it on your skin every day. BONNEE does not use phthalates – our full ingredient listing is on our website. There are absolutely no chemicals in LOVE By Bonnee.

2. Parabens

Moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliants, shampoos, conditioners and many other products contain parabens (a whopping 75-90% of products actually). They’ve been linked to hormonal disruptions, breast cancer, other cancers and DNA damage.

3. Sulphates

Sodium Laurel Sulphate to be precise, commonly known as SLES. It’s responsible for the bubbling/sudsing of cosmetics. So you know how you don’t think your hair is clean unless you see suds? Those suds are SLES and they are common irritants, and may also be contaminated with chemicals that are known carcinogens, depending on how they’re made.

4. Siloxanes

These are silicone based compounds that are also used in building sealants and water-repellant windshield coatings. So that’s nice, why don’t we put them on our skin too! Environment Canada says they are toxic and persistent while the European Union classifies them as an endocrine disruptor which may impair human fertility. They’re found in hair products and cosmetics to soften and smooth things but actually cause dirty buildup on hair and on skin.

5. Petroleums

And Mineral Oils can be contaminated with PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) – extended exposure to which has been linked with cancer. They’re a by-product of the petroleum industry (that would be the crude oil industry. As in Petrol. They’re used as a barrier to lock moisture in.

 6. PEGS

Commonly used as bases for creams. They’re also a by-product of the petroleum industry and may be contaminated with ethylene oxide that is a known carcinogen and may harm the nervous system, and 1,4 dioxane which is a possible carcinogen. The EPA also says it may interfere with human development and it’s persistent (which means it doesn’t easily degrade and hangs around in the bathroom even after you’ve washed it down the sink. Also, think of the poor fish who get it after that).

7. BHA and BHT

They’re used as synthetic antioxidants (when there are stronger natural ones) and also as preservatives in lipsticks and moisturisers. Both can prompt allergic reactions, BHA has been listed as a possible carcinogen and it also interferes with normal hormones functions. Long term exposure to BHT has been proven in labs to be toxic to mice and rats (they don’t test on humans because … anyone wanna volunteer? No, thought not), by causing lung, thyroid, liver and kidney problems, plus it may mimic estrogen which hinders normal production of male hormones. Get them out of your body!

None of our ingredients in LOVE contain harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals. The ones that mess with your hormones and can do anything from give you mood swings and put on weight to serious reproductive issues and foetus development issues. 

None of our ingredients are bioaccumulative, meaning they won’t build up in the body, they get flushed out. 

60% of what we put onto our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and you spray perfume directly on your lymph nodes. It makes sense to go natural and not spray harmful chemicals on your skin. 

I live and breathe a conscious life. This is why BY BONNEE exists. 

I have poured my heart and soul into developing a formula that is a multi purpose precious elixir for men and women. LOVE is committed to a sustainable, chemical-free, cruelty free, happy healthy lifestyle with a strong focus on natural health and wellbeing.

I created LOVE as I don’t want to compromise the health of people or of the planet. Being the year 2021 people can see through the toxic artificial plastic world. 

I want to educate people on Clean Beauty and as a Model and a Naturopath represent my own beauty brand of substance and integrity, that I truly believe in and use religiously. 

It is a concerning element of the beauty industry that it is a huge contributor to global environmental and social issues. These include disrupting ecosystems, depleting non-renewable natural resources, excessive water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (from supply chains), and the billions of units of packaging sent to landfill each year. 

I have poured my heart and soul and a significant amount of my time exploring how we can be as pure and natural in beauty and how to act more responsibly and sustainably. 

LOVE is inspired by the purity rich rare abundant Daintree Rainforest that meets the Reef and Ocean.

The only two World Heritage listed sites that meet side by side.

Australia’s Daintree Rainforest is the oldest Rainforest on Earth.

The scent represents the Love of the sun kissed Australian Beaches, and the pristine Rainforest. A way to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Make choices everyday that minimise your toxic load and maximise your wellness.

Love Bonnee

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