Being well and smelling beautiful is the ultimate luxury.

As a Naturopath, I was able to formulate the perfect precious certified organic plant perfume that is a multipurpose elixir. The scent is derived from the best mother nature has to offer that evoke a pure sense that is as luxurious as it is natural.

LOVE contains precious oils, pure essential oils, ethically sourced plants, flowers, fruit pulps and seeds. 

Natural Beauty will elevate you, boost your mood and take care of your wellness. It is a positive step toward better health and a cleaner world.

LOVE is a Pure Plant Eau De Parfum

Hair + Body + Face Oil

available in 50mls 


5mls Mini Roll On


Place mini roller ball on the inside of wrists, behind the ears, temples, and other pulse points. 

For meditation, grounding, centering and body loving elevation activation, apply the oil in at the third eye, then inside left wrist and right wrist, finish with rolling some on your heart center. Incorporate self love into your daily life and the make the commitment to honour yourself and the earth.

Perfume is one of the most ancient natural luxuries to support your health. Made from herbs, fruits and trees. But, somehow along the time the health benefits got lost in FAKE TOXIC LUXURY! 

Synthetic perfume can make you sick. Headache, nausea and brain fog are side effects that present from toxic chemicals.

The commercial perfume industry was introduced and it’s trajectory at the expense of our well-being using ingredients that are made of chemicals and are poisonous to our beautiful bodies. 

That’s why I created LOVE. A multipurpose elixir that is a healthy plant perfume, hair, body and face oil. 

We don’t have a lot of choice in many of the things we are exposed to, but we can choose what we buy, eat and spray on our body. It’s a matter of minimising our toxic exposure because we know from research that it’s the cumulative effect from a lot of these ingredients that’s most detrimental.

if you knew that inside conventional synthetic chemical bottles and tubes were ingredients that could disrupt your reproductive system? Your hormones? Make you fatter, more sensitive, give you headaches and contribute to serious chronic diseases? Would you use them?

When you start to research and properly look into what actually is in the products that go onto your skin, your body’s biggest organ, you will be genuinely shocked. And when you add up how long you’ve been using them for and the multiple products you use every single day of your life, well, that’s a lot of toxic chemicals you are voluntarily slathering on yourself.

Let me break down the facts. Conventional makeup, skincare and fragrance brands have for years contained chemicals that are toxic and unhealthy: 

1. Phthalates

In lab experiments they’ve been known to cause developmental defects, changes in sperm counts and liver and kidney failure. It’s also inhibited the development of male hormones in fetuses. This is a common ingredient in all fragrances that are not 100% natural. Just so you know. This is the big one to avoid when it comes to perfume, but you won’t know it’s in there because up to 3000 chemicals (including phthalates) can be listed under ‘parfum’, and you could be spraying it on your skin every day. BONNEE does not use phthalates – our full ingredient listing is on our website. There are absolutely no chemicals in LOVE By Bonnee.

2. Parabens

Moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliants, shampoos, conditioners and many other products contain parabens (a whopping 75-90% of products actually). They’ve been linked to hormonal disruptions, breast cancer, other cancers and DNA damage.

3. Sulphates

Sodium Laurel Sulphate to be precise, commonly known as SLES. It’s responsible for the bubbling/sudsing of cosmetics. So you know how you don’t think your hair is clean unless you see suds? Those suds are SLES and they are common irritants, and may also be contaminated with chemicals that are known carcinogens, depending on how they’re made.

4. Siloxanes

These are silicone based compounds that are also used in building sealants and water-repellant windshield coatings. So that’s nice, why don’t we put them on our skin too! Environment Canada says they are toxic and persistent while the European Union classifies them as an endocrine disruptor which may impair human fertility. They’re found in hair products and cosmetics to soften and smooth things but actually cause dirty buildup on hair and on skin.

5. Petroleums

And Mineral Oils can be contaminated with PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) – extended exposure to which has been linked with cancer. They’re a by-product of the petroleum industry (that would be the crude oil industry. As in Petrol. They’re used as a barrier to lock moisture in.

 6. PEGS

Commonly used as bases for creams. They’re also a by-product of the petroleum industry and may be contaminated with ethylene oxide that is a known carcinogen and may harm the nervous system, and 1,4 dioxane which is a possible carcinogen. The EPA also says it may interfere with human development and it’s persistent (which means it doesn’t easily degrade and hangs around in the bathroom even after you’ve washed it down the sink. Also, think of the poor fish who get it after that).

7. BHA and BHT

They’re used as synthetic antioxidants (when there are stronger natural ones) and also as preservatives in lipsticks and moisturisers. Both can prompt allergic reactions, BHA has been listed as a possible carcinogen and it also interferes with normal hormones functions. Long term exposure to BHT has been proven in labs to be toxic to mice and rats (they don’t test on humans because … anyone wanna volunteer? No, thought not), by causing lung, thyroid, liver and kidney problems, plus it may mimic estrogen which hinders normal production of male hormones. Get them out of your body!

None of our ingredients in LOVE contain harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals. The ones that mess with your hormones and can do anything from give you mood swings and put on weight to serious reproductive issues and foetus development issues. 

None of our ingredients are bioaccumulative, meaning they won’t build up in the body, they get flushed out. 

60% of what we put onto our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and you spray perfume directly on your lymph nodes. It makes sense to go natural and not spray harmful chemicals on your skin. 

I live and breathe a conscious life. This is why BY BONNEE exists. 

I have poured my heart and soul into developing a formula that is a multi purpose precious elixir for men and women. LOVE is committed to a sustainable, chemical-free, cruelty free, happy healthy lifestyle with a strong focus on natural health and wellbeing.

I created LOVE as I don’t want to compromise the health of people or of the planet. Being the year 2021 people can see through the toxic artificial plastic world. 

I want to educate people on Clean Beauty and as a Model and a Naturopath represent my own beauty brand of substance and integrity, that I truly believe in and use religiously. 

It is a concerning element of the beauty industry that it is a huge contributor to global environmental and social issues. These include disrupting ecosystems, depleting non-renewable natural resources, excessive water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (from supply chains), and the billions of units of packaging sent to landfill each year. 

I have poured my heart and soul and a significant amount of my time exploring how we can be as pure and natural in beauty and how to act more responsibly and sustainably. 

LOVE is inspired by the purity rich rare abundant Daintree Rainforest that meets the Reef and Ocean.

The only two World Heritage listed sites that meet side by side.

Australia’s Daintree Rainforest is the oldest Rainforest on Earth.

The scent represents the Love of the sun kissed Australian Beaches, and the pristine Rainforest. A way to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Make choices everyday that minimise your toxic load and maximise your wellness.

Love Bonnee




BioGenesis Organic Superfood

Supplements are by no means a new phenomenon, the last few years have seen major growth in the industry. The quality and where they are sourced is ultimately as a Naturopath and Nutritionist what I know is of outmost importance to our Health.

It is important to know that Biogenesis vision is to produce the highest quality and most nutrient-rich Australian health products available on the market.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, stress is at an all time high. Our current situation is unusual; the major cause of our heightened stress levels COVID-19 –  is beyond the limits of our control. However, there are a number of practices we can do to support and strengthen our immune systems, with high quality supplements like Biogenesis and help manage our mental health by including meditation in our every day lives.

It is a positive time with people wanting to take care of their health so much now, more than ever and in a world full of wellness trends, it’s hard to know what is legitimate and what is, glorified. Are you looking for the next best thing to boost your immune system, reduce stress and just make you feel and look good?

 Read on!

We are constantly told on a regular basis that good health starts from within. What is happening internally is reflected externally. If we are eating poorly, we feel blah, and break out. If we are tired, we have dark circles and no energy. If we are dehydrated, our skin becomes irritated and flaky and aged. All of which we can fix with healthier eating habits, more sleep and more water.

Here is a supplement that is one of the originals in health and wellbeing. A Superfood that has been studied for years and has withheld the test of time. One of my favourite supplements that I have always had in my cupboard.

This one is more special than the others because it is a newbie to the Aussie Market, it is Organic and Natural, Australian Made and Owned since 2017.


How do they do this? With pure, natural Australian-grown superfoods that are good for your health and good for the planet.

Biogenesis is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. 

In fact, they are the only ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ licensed producer of Chlorella and Spirulina in Australia. From their farm in tropical Queensland, right through to packing and distribution, their products are grown and processed in Australia to the highest quality standard.

The Health Benefits 

Chlorella is known for its impressive health benefits and it’s certainly caught the attention of nutrition and health experts in the last few years.

This powerful superfood has been proven to increase energy, eliminate toxins, promote brain health, boost immunity, support fat loss, strengthen bones and joints, and repair and build muscle.

A supplement for not just for a beauty glow:

Radiant Eyes, Shiny Hair, Extra Energy and Glowing skin.

Chlorella is extremely alkalising in the body and helps balance against acidic elements in the diet, including packaged processed foods, sodas, and animal products. It’s almost 50 percent protein, with all essential amino acids to form a complete protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, and carotenoids — chlorella not only contributes to beautiful skin and hair, but it can help ward off hunger, so it is also great support for people who want a diet and weightless supplement.

My Experience with taking Biogenesis.

I was always a fan of spirulina first, But then I discovered that chlorella has TEN times more chlorophyll than spirulina!

Because it is so high in minerals, micronutrients as well as macronutrients, it really helps keep me satisfied. The tablets are really handy to have in your handbag so that if you don’t have access to snacks or food then they are a supportive supplement. I like to really chew them, then you taste the pure plant protein.

I really like the taste- and I hope you do also! Drink water with them.

It is important to make sure to only buy “cracked cell wall chlorella” because they are completely absorbable and best for the health of your beautiful body.

To ensure Chlorella is readily digestible, Biogenesis have developed an innovative process called ‘BioDynamic Cracking’ which breaks the cell wall of each Chlorella to ensure all the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body. Other producers mechanically pulverise or grind the Chlorella leaving the internal nutrients susceptible to oxidisation and nutritional degradation. Or they don’t crack the cell wall at all – lessening the ability for nutrients to be absorbed.

Among many things, chlorella helps pull heavy metals out of the system, including mercury, lead, and cadmium. These metals can get in from our food supply and pollution, and can lodge all over the body, affecting everything. Chlorophyll also gives tremendous energy, and can help balance the body, assisting with fertility.

Chlorella also has around 92 trace minerals, vitamins, glycolipids, phycocyanin, sulfolips, carotenoids, superoxide dismutase, RNA and DNA, and is loaded with beta-carotene.

I love to research and educate and use only premium products, I hope this has given you inspiration for your wellness journey.



Note: Before supplementing, it’s important to talk to your doctor or health care professional.



I got my DNA Report back and this was the most interesting and insightful test I’ve ever done!

The more thorough understanding we have of ourselves, the better we can protect ourselves and each other.

It is “The World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test”

USE MY CODE “BONNEE” FOR 22% off your DNA test

Health is Wealth – Invest in yours by understanding everything your DNA can tell you today, so you can start taking control of your health:

115 Cancers & Disease Risks Reports, 60 Diet Fitness and Wellness Reports, and 163 Carrier Condition Reports are tested.

It really is SO amazing all you need to do is take a swab of your saliva and it’s done.

I’m 100% European! 72.9% North Western European 20.86% Northern European 6.85% Eastern European.

A beautiful mixture of Swedish, Russian, Irish, French to name a few of my ancestors.


Genetic testing can save lives, assist with disease prevention, answer diagnostic questions, provide insights into medication responses, and be a tool for discovering ancestry information.

What I was most impressed with was the Nutritional side, specifically being educated that the Mediterranean diet is best for my type.

Under the Diet & Lifestyle Profile- Nutrition section, the testing results I was able to learn about how my DNA plays a role in my body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals, so that I can take control of my long- term health with personalised nutrient recommendations. For example, based on my genetic results I was told that I am likely to have higher antioxidant needs.

Antioxidants are important as they minimise the harmful effects of ‘free radicals” that are responsible for a variety of health problems such as heart disease and cancer.

The genetic result for Selenium, suggested that my body may have difficulty in efficiently processing selenium. It is advisable to increase my selenium intake as it is an important antioxidant for thyroid metabolism and kidney function.

Selenium is a trace element that is essential for reproduction, immune function, thyroid hormone metabolism and DNA synthesis.

Under the Sleep and Stress section, my genetic result was a “Warrior” with a higher stress tolerance.

It is so interesting to note that certain genes influence how our body breaks down specific chemicals in the brain, in- part helped by how fast or slow the enzymes act to remove stress-related chemicals. “Warriors” tend to be able to alleviate stress faster while “Worriers” tend to suffer from anxiety more than the general population.

My favourite result was in the Skin section. My genetic result based on my genetics showed that I am more likely to have a youthful appearance.

This suggests that I may look younger than my chronological age.


Your genes can tell you a lot about the type of person you are. One other section I found interesting was under my personality traits, my genetics tested confident and calm. Based on my genetic results, I have a balanced personality, that is a mix of both compassion, helpfulness and competitiveness.

People who are agreeable are kind, warm, friendly, tactful and optimistic. These are genetic links that determine personality traits.

Norepinephrine vs Aggression

Norepinephrine is a hormone and neurotransmitter associated with stress, has been linked to agreeableness.

Studies have found that a low level of norepinephrine may cause aggression, which is likely predicted by low agreeableness.

Based on my genetic results, I am balanced.

It’s here that you will learn about how your unique gene profile can offer a deeper look into the role your DNA may play in how you think, feel, act, and react.

What an insightful test. I highly recommend!

For more information please check out:




Here comes the Sun.

Summer 2020 is around the corner.

I would love to share with you my secrets to help you love your body and make you feel the best you can inside and out.

Create a life you love living so much that you don’t feel the need to indulge and eat junk food too many times per week. But I also believe in FUN too…..It is not about will power or deprivation it is ultimately about RESPECTING your body and LOVING it!!! By elevating your health and happiness! I have noticed if I am stressed and not exercising and eating unhealthy food, I feel sad and toxic!!! This ultimately shows on my skin, you know it is a reflection of your overall health. It is the body’s largest organ and it is an elimination organ.
Toxins inside your body can make the skin on the outside of your body look less than beautiful.

Take care and saturate your body with alive organic fruits and vegetables, purified water and a positive mind.
This Summer I want you to be balanced and love your body.

I am also sharing my secrets with you, I have had some support with feeding my body with antioxidant rich foods and non invasive treatments to keep my cellulite and skin tone tight.


I have been preparing my body for Summer and bikini weather with the support of a healthy alkaline diet rich in good fats and I feel cleaner eating plant based protein.

My go to dinner is chilli Mexican black bean and pumpkin nachos. YUM!

Eating black seeds, grains, and beans brings vitality, energy, and reproductive health back into the body, especially for one who is chronically ill or fatigued.

This is because in Traditional Chinese Medicine your kidney meridian health determines your own Qi (vital life force and defense against chronic illness/effects of aging. If I am feeling drained and exhausted I up my kidney supporting foods!!!!

Drink purified water.

Alkaline mineral water that hydrates you immediately at a cellular level! I have

For extra support I have also been attending a body contour clinic in Melbourne, Miss Cheri, to help eliminate fluid retention and smooth and tighten my skin as well as reduce cellulite. They use state of the art technology the Vela Shape 3 is my secret to help tone and tighten the collagen in my skin.

As a person ages, their body produces less collagen. This lack of collagen results in the common signs of aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin that has lost its elasticity, and stiff joints are all signs that the body is producing less collagen.

When collagen levels are high, the skin is soft, smooth, and firm. Collagen helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves.

If your energy stores are depleted and you are in need of a pick-me-up, consider dry body brushing to stimulate oxygen distribution throughout the body, and aid in speeding up the body’s natural process of detoxification.

Keeping your blood flowing and promoting lymph drainage can help keep your skin glowing! Dry brushing is a technique that improves circulation and promotes lymph draining.

  • Use a soft, natural bristled brush.
  • Dry brush before your shower every morning.
  • Use a light pressure as you brush.
  • Starting at your feet, brush in small movements up towards your heart.
  • When you are done, take a shower.

All of this has helped me to support my beauty and body glow.

Take care and love your body, nourish it and tell it you love it!

Enjoy your Summer.









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Hey Angels! ♡ People often ask me how I keep my skin so clear. And of course I want to share my little beauty secrets with you.

When it comes to a natural beauty glow, the inescapable truth is, a high quality anti inflammatory alkalining diet, pure water and essential beauty sleep should be the backbone of your approach with balance of exercise like yoga for mindfulness and then supported by regular treatments and good active skincare sourced by the best dermal clinician. 

I have been having regular treatments for the past year with the with out a doubt BEST skin clinicians in Melbourne at Victorian Dermal Group

I have had Clear and Brilliant laser, Ultra Former III, which is (The World’s No. 1 Choice for non-invasive Skin Lifting & Tightening treatments.) And Fraxel. (which I will go into further detail below, as this has been a game changer for me!!!) I have also had TCA to target scars on my skin as well as regular Light therapy and chemical peels every month with extractions. So, you can see I have been treating my skin with a lot of love!!!

Let me tell you about the latest treatment I have had done.


Summer skin starts in Winter! So, now it is Winter in Melbourne and is the BEST time to repair and resurface the skin. Let’s be honest, when it comes to skin treatments, my motto is ‘no pain, no gain’…

The painful ones are working because they’re damaging, whatever, making your collagen renewal and renewing your skin like a reboot. Fraxel Laser, is kind of painful for a reason, because it is doing quite deep damage to create fresh clean pure beautiful skin. It’s not really unbearable pain, more satisfying!!!

When it comes to our skin, we all want a beauty glow that is healthy and radiates. And while there are plenty of products and treatments out there, sometimes we may need something a little more vigorous and invasive than a topical treatment to treat major skin concerns such as open pores, wrinkles, scarring and age spots. This is where cosmetic procedures such as FRAXEL  is what you need to do! The mechanism of Fraxel heavily relies on resurfacing your skin by stimulating the growth of new, healthy skins cells from the inside out.

LADIES & GENTLEMEN I cannot tell you enough how much I push for you to try this! After 1 treatment I am having such great results. I am LEGIT so Happy I could cry.

HONESTLY You’ll see benefits… Fraxel significantly improves quality and skin health, so anyone who has prematurely aged their skin with too much sun kissing exposure will benefit enormously from treatment. Not only will the skin be stronger and more hydrated, wrinkles will be softened and you’ll see a reduction in pigmentation. The overall effect is a noticeably younger cleaner complexion. I truely believe that Fraxel is also the gold standard treatment for acne, trauma or surgical scarring. The results are immediate and progressive. Soon after treatment the surface of your skin will feel softer and smoother, brighter and more even skin tone. The next 3-6 months will bring more improvement as your skin continues to create more collagen.

You’ll need to be incognito for???… It’s an important question, as it’s super crucial that you know what to expect. You will have a healing phase of seven days, of which the first three to four days are the most obvious. You are extremely RED post-procedure, with that sunburnt feeling. Mild swelling starts post-procedure, and is at its full peak the morning after, lasting a day or so. The skin will feel then feel really rough for up to a week where it goes brown and ultimately this is actually a really positive thing as it’s all the old dead and damaged cells shedding off the skin, leaving fresh, vibrant, healthy new baby skin complexion.

You’ll need to pop in again It depends on the extent of damage, and that’s part of the reason you need a personalised skinconsultation with Derya prior to your appointment. Some people do three treatments, six weeks apart and others that just do a treatment once a year.

I highly recommended you book an appointment to see Derya and transform your skin this Winter! Its ultimately the BEST time to heal and deal with renewing a lifetime of summer damage.



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After all, our skin is an outer glow of our inner health and beauty, and how we care for it from the outside, as well as the inside, is SO important.

The good news is that, people are waking up and are aware of the green movement, now more than ever we are seeing skincare product manufacturers making a difference to avoid using toxic ingredients and chemicals in their skincare products. 

This is why I support local Aussie brands like Supple Skin Co. A Hemp skin perfecting serum.

I think this is the way of the future as more people are conscious of using natural and eco friendly products. I heavily believe in reducing your toxic load, and one of the many concerns I have with most commercial, popular brands of skincare products is they contain toxic ingredients and petroleum product derivatives that can both contribute to toxicity. Your skin is an organ through which chemicals are absorbed.

True health and beauty arises when we eliminate toxins from our bodies, so on the pursuit of beautiful natural glowing skin I have found this bottle of liquid gold. “Supple Skin”


To make the most of your Dew Drops:

Cleanse thoroughly. Add 2-3 drops to each cheek. Massage in small circular motions for at least 30 seconds. Work the drops deep into your pores, this lets the serum do its magic.

How beautiful are the ingredients in this product!

Organic Hemp Oil: the skin food. 0% comedogenic rating, the best of the best. That means no clogged pores! High in omega 3, 6, 9 to regenerate, anti inflammatory & highly soothing, balances oily & dry skin

Organic Carrot Seed Oil: the resurfacer.  rich in carotenoids known for anti ageing, lightens skin aka great for pigmentation & blemish scars, natural SPF, brightens & rejuvenates skin

Lavender Pure Essential Oil: the all rounder over achiever. penetrates pores & kills bacteria, prevents & heals breakouts, calming, reduces redness & inflammation

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil: the fountain of youth. known for anti ageing, tones & firms skin, fades & reduces scarring

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil : the anti acne hero. prevent & reduce acne, soothe inflammation, natural antiseptic

Photo Credit @shenamedhimwolf