I always need more energy, I have been supporting my system with these products and am noticing a big change in my overall health!

The rise of alkaline diets tackle both gut and skin inflammation. A good alkalising diet helps to avoid our internal mechanisms becoming too acidic. This is what ALKAMIND Supplements are all about.

We must remember that eating is a form of self respect and a body that is alkaline will help to elevate your beauty glow and take you to optimum health!

Dr Gioffre’s book and supplements empower you to live your best life, and prevent chronic disease.

When our bodies are acidic they crave sugar and carbs which are the very things making them acidic. Alkamind products believe in the importance of absorbable food-based nutrients on a daily basis to maintain a healthy alkaline balance.

Acid is so corrosive it can burn a hole through metal. If it can do that to metal, think about what that’s doing inside your body, to your digestive system, your joints and muscles, and your cardiovascular system, definitely not a good thing and your beautiful body spends massive amounts of energy and resources to keep that from happening.

This is where “Alkamind” supplements are here to support your entire system. Take the Daily Greens, Daily Minerals, Daily Omegas and the Daily Protein, you can even do their kick start 7-Day Cleanse and 2-Day Detox programs to NEUTRALIZE acids & toxins from your body to naturally promoting a healthy ALKALINE level.


An acidic body is a by-product of today’s increasingly acidic diet of sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and coffee, teamed with external pollution and un conscious mindful inner negative talk and stress.

Living an acidic lifestyle of chronic stress, over eating processed and packaged foods, bingeing on alcohol and relying on stimulants like coffee, diet soda drinks  can lead people to ill health, which includes internal and physical issues, and symptoms you can no longer ignore. Some of these issues include weight gain, low energy, low libido, acne, cellulite, candida, malnourishment, hair loss, plus an endless list of immune illnesses, parasites and viruses!!!

Our body’s are extremely intuitive, and will give us signs when it’s time to shape up and pay attention to what it needs. When I started getting headaches, sugar cravings and stomach issues and the acne flare up I knew it was time for a reset and I was ready to try something to support my health.

Studies show that gut inflammation often corresponds with skin inflammation, rosacea and acne are linked to a lack of hydrochloric acid in the gut, and those with a healthy gut microbiota have a better fatty acid profile in their skin, which makes it more hydrated. Hello to Alkamind! The daily Omegas fight inflammation and oxidation. The alkaline Omega 3s are organically filtered and triple purified. I love that they are free of all heavy metals and containments.  These are my health obsession at the moment. I am seeing a real improvement with my focus and memory since supplementing these in my daily routine.

The day I made the conscious decision to live a whole food with high plant-based lifestyle was about 5 years ago and was the day my life changed for the better. I was always healthy, I grew up in an organic home and my mum was a meditating vegetarian who always gave me spiritual guidance. That has followed me through into my adult life and I always have an inert conscious belief system of caring about my health and want to influence those positively with education around health and wellness around me.

Alkamind supplements help to restore your body’s optimum pH levels, maintain a healthy body and make your skin glow and hair shine.

I drink the Daily Greens, mixing 1 serving into pure water. After a bad stint of dealing with hormonal breakouts, I notice softer, more radiant skin after a month. It really does brighten, plump and rehydrate me. I truly do feel and look healthy! The ingredients in this green supplement are Certified Organic, USDA Organic 100% raw and contain 27 Superfoods like Pumpkin Sprouts, Celery, Turmeric and Wheatgrass. Some of the highest quality ingredients on the market place.

Eating healthy means giving your body power foods it can easily assimilate and use for regeneration and rejuvenation. Life comes from life. So the more foods you eat which are organic and straight from nature’s raw garden, the better you are going to feel.

These Alkamind supplements are definitely something I will continue to take to support my health long term.


It’s the cause of your complexion concerns that will determine whether a supplement will make things better. So if you’re vitamin or mineral deficient, a supplement may improve your skin, but remember that diet, exercise, stress, genetics, hormones and lifestyle, all play a role in skin health , so don’t neglect any of these areas and put all your hope solely on a supplement. Remember:







Toned Protein Boost by Intrametica

The whole supplement thing can be highly overwhelming in a saturated market.

Intrametica’s Organic bio-fermented plant protein supplement Toned Protein Boost is irresistible when it comes to choosing the best science based backed with evidence product, as the support for a beautiful, lean, glowing, healthy body.
It is divinely a far superior supplement.

Most protein powder on the market is highly processed, highly refined, acidic, synthetic, toxic, and is not even recognised as food in the body! Whey Protein is acidic to the body and most of it is from cows that haven’t lived healthy happy lives. Such issues such as antibiotics, hormones, pus etc…

Some poor quality dairy protein powders contain heavy metals, MSG, flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners like aspartame and other toxins that are not recognised as food!!!

This is why i LOVE Intrametica’s integrity and quality.

How gorgeous are these scientifically proven ingredients that are in the plant based protein supplemt!!!:

Toned Protein Boost includes Moro Red Orange, is a potent source of flavonoids that influence the metabolism of fat cells, helping to counteract fat accumulation and prevent weight gain. It also includes carob, which is known to be an effective appetite suppressant.

Natural Multi-Mineral Marine Complex is from sustainably sourced seaweed grown in the Fjords of Iceland contains over 72 trace minerals and provides a source bio-active calcium and magnesium. The proprietary material is clinically trialled for bone, joint and digestive health. Trace minerals provide the skin, hair and nails with the required substrate to function at an optimal levels, this includes antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, photoprotection and collagen formation.

It also contains Carob, polyphenol rich in insoluble fibre which is great for reducing hunger, lowering post meal glycemic response, and minimising overall energy intake. Plus it also has Mesquite bean, a legume that is low GI and helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels, long-lasting energy and satiety. Pumpkin seed and sunflower seed powders also provide plant-based essential fatty acids, fibre, and nutritionally dense protein sources to help you feel fuller for longer!!!! Such beautiful unique product.

And, as you already know, the best way to get ingredients into your system is by eating a diet that’s super full in beautifying nutrients, um as in eat the rainbow, by eating a variety of brightly colored fruit and veg because they are high in antioxidants etc and include essential fatty acids like salmon, nuts, avocado etc for glowing supple skin… BUT, if you are wanting to add even extra glowing goodness into your body then supplements can absolutely be the best thing to include into your daily ritual!


If you want to transform your skin and metabolism from within, with a blend of sprouted, bio-fermented organic plant protein boosted with marine bioactive collagen peptides.

Toned Protein Boost isn’t just another protein powder for weight loss that promises fast and easy results…

It is scientifically formulated to be used in conjunction with a balanced low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise of about 45 minutes each day, Toned Protein Boost is the ultimate natural weight loss supplement to add into your health regime.

After a bad stint of dealing with hormonal breakouts, I notice, and others have genuinely complimented me on my softer and more radiant skin.

It really does brighten, plump and rehydrate my complexion. And to honestly cut to the chase, it keeps me fuller for longer.

YUMMY! An exceptional product that is backed by the best Naturopath in Melbourne.

Location and Details:

Angela Smith Naturopath: 


Love B XOX



The Way Stress Affects Your Teeth and Overall Health

Treating the cause of the problem.

I believe so heavily in all things Health and my recent check up at The Melbourne Smile Centre has given me a deep insight into the link of Oral Health and overall Health. What interests me the most is the connection of teeth and gums and Optimum Health!

The mouth doesn’t lie. It is the window into our overall Health and Wellbeing.

If you have got chronic inflammation in your mouth then it’s likely you’ve got a problem brewing elsewhere, too.

It is chronic inflammation that is the root cause of almost all systemic illnesses, which is why there’s so much research about poor dental health linking to heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, infertility issues, low birth weight, and cancer.

Want a set of perfect sparkly glossy healthy pearlers? Good news, I know just how to get them. Whether you’ve had a long standing feud with your teeth since your teenage days, or you are after a little tweak, The team at the Melbourne Smile centre are smile saviours. Their approach is aimed at producing the absolute best healthy teeth and preventing dental problems prior to undertaking any cosmetic or corrective procedures you may wish to have. After my deep and meaningful consultation I found out what the latest and best dental innovations are to achieve ultimate #smilegoals.

I personally have been experiencing chronic fatigue and not feeling 100% well. This may be because after seeing my Dentist my teeth need some love.

I had my teeth checked and thoroughly cleaned and the outcome is that my gums showing are not at optimal health, they are very red and inflamed. So I have had 3 appointments at the Melbourne Smile Centre and they have been taking care of my Health. I can honestly say that I never expected that my dentist could have such a tremendously positive impact on my quality of life. In the next couple of months I  will be having my wisdom teeth removed and have Invisalign done to straighten my teeth.

First things first though, having a dental hygienist clean my teeth up is extremely imperative. Having too much inflammation in the body is bad for you. It’s a real enemy when it comes to putting your health at risk and creating stress. When you’re inflamed, you’re more likely to put on weight, have skin issues, feel lethargic and irritable, and be more susceptible to illness and disease. Yikes. Needless to say, it’s best to keep inflammation at bay.

An obvious connection between dentistry and systemic health that research supports is that microbes in the mouth are also found in the gut. Gram negative bacteria are those bacteria that live in oxygen poor environments, like the areas under the gums and between teeth. These bacteria have access to the digestive tract and can cause inflammation in the gut just as they do in the mouth. This is called the microbiome, the combined genetic material of the microorganisms in a particular environment, in this instance this mouth and gut. Do your gums bleed? Are they red and inflamed? Now imagine these same things going on within your gut. If the bacteria in your mouth are causing inflammation in your gums, you may assume that the same thing is going on along your intestinal lining. This is because the same bacteria or microbiome is present in both places. Omg!

Lifestyle factors such as lowering stress levels through meditation and yoga, and eating a high quality diet low in sugar and carbohydrates can have a positive effect on pH and inflammation.  People often don’t realize how important a daily stress reduction practice is to health and the quality of your daily experience, especially in the areas of resilience and coping with stress.

Regularly Dental check ups and daily flossing and softly brushing the teeth are essential to long term health. Here are a few other guidelines I follow to keep my teeth as healthy as they can be:


Here is a good Dental hygiene routine habit to follow.

Make sure the things you do the most of are of quality and can affect your health. We sleep the most, we move the most, we eat and drink the most.

A way to keep your teeth in good health is to balance and prioritise sleep, not binge on alcohol and sugar.

Focusing on foods that will keep your mouth and teeth healthy is also something worth considering if you want your smile to see you into old age.

Stress is another issue that needs support. This includes you getting deep sleep and getting off electronics at night. Blue blocker sunglasses help to improve your sleep quality. Blue Light from our phones and computers affect your melatonin and makes it hard to get your deep level sleep.

You need sleep to rest and repair and rejuvinate you. This ultimately helps you to take care of your sleep health.

Blue light says to your brain and especially your melatonin to ease off and your cortisol and stress levels will now strike.

Beyond sleep, research (over 6000 studies) shows that melatonin benefits are profound and far reaching. Known as the body’s most efficient free-radical scavenger with an impressive ability to control oxidative damage, melatonin has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune properties. This is why a healthy consistent sleep pattern is so beneficial to not only beautifying you but keeping you healthy!

In efforts to not only boost the immune system, but to keep gums happy too, an increase of  daily dose of vitamin C. Rather than getting it from a synthetic vitamin tablet, a couple of superfoods that I love include Camu Camu and Kakadu plum that are the most vitamin C rich fruit on the planet. I also love to put Vitamin C on my face topically.

Vitamin C is great for reducing your risk of oral infections and also strengthen the collagen network within your gums.

Coconut Oil Pulling and Tongue Scraping first thing in the morning is beneficial for the health of your body.

Oil pulling works by cleaning and detoxifying the oral cavity in a similar way that soap cleans dirty dishes. It literally sucks the dirt (toxins) out of your mouth and creates a clean, antiseptic oral environment that contributes to the proper flow of dental liquid that’s needed to prevent cavities and disease.

Remember to floss, brush and pixter daily!!! Brushing and removal of inter proximal plaque are important in the prevention of oral disease such as gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. It is shown from studies that the effects of oral health are slowly becoming more understood as not localised to the mouth but also having an impact on systemic health.

I will keep you posted on my transformation to optimum teeth health. Watch this space.


If you wish to book a complimentary initial consultation to discuss dental services,

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The Melbourne Smile Centre
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x BON.




My deeply purifying and skin beautifying Colonic Hydrotherapy experience at the beyond Heavenly  @towonderlandwellnessspa ✨?



Have you ever noticed how lifeless your skin looks after a night of drinking and eating naughty sugary salty junk?! Ladies and Gentleman it shows!!!!

Your skin is a TRUE reflection of how healthy you really are. Colon health is linked to Skin health…. I am having a series of colonics with the alignment of skin love support by the beautiful  @ingridseaburn

After 3 colonics and an intensive beautyifying facial, my “gut face” of furrowed brow, exhausted puffy eyes and inflamed skin beholds razor sharp cheekbones, glowing skin, bright sparkly green eyes and my little pony shiny glossy hair. It is indeed the most divine nurturing cleansing experience…. I had been struggling with stress and hormonal breakouts were angry as my skin was taking a turn for the worst!  ?

I needed a detox and internal cleanse to get to the root of my skin flare up.

As Hippocrates once said, “all disease begins in the gut.” To Wonderland Wellness Spa Treatments are designed to promote longevity; restoring balance to body and mind, inspiring rejuvenation of spirit, whilst alleviating stress and fatigue.

Our intestines are 22 feet long. A healthy, fibrous, whole food CLEAN diet will move through those 22 feet with ease and create a bowel movement like clockwork approx 30 minutes after you eat each meal. This would equate to 3 healthy movements per day. However, this isnt what everybody experiences, as soon as the bowels become sluggish (due to stress, unhealthy food, acidity or lack of circulation/ movement), the fermentation and putrefaction of food waste will occur before it gets a chance to leave your intestines.

It should NOT be fermenting inside of you feeding parasites! OMG!!!

DO YOU KNOW We absorb the toxins and ammonia gas particles that result from fermentation, which then go directly into our blood stream. This can cause headaches, cloudy or foggy thinking, bloating, depression, anxiety, abdominal pain, joint pain, bad skin like Acne breakouts and infection (due to waste in the blood) and even heart arrhythmias…

SO, by Keeping your intestinal tract clean is the most important thing you will ever do, and here is why….. The billions of cells in your body – your skin, hair, nails, brain and organs ALL depend on the absorption of nutrients from food in the bowels. This absorption can be completely blocked from your healthy cells due to retained waste in the colon!!!

This is why you should colon cleanse….. As people get older there is an accumulation of waste from unfit foods, chemicals, and negative emotions.  Let it GO!

My Green eyes are so bright and shining instantaneously after one treatment!!! Thank you for the extensive care, love and education ladies @towonderlandwellnessspa ?


Colon Hydrotherapy,
Signature Spa Treatments, Massage, Reflexology, Facials for Men & Women





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So, despite eating clean and healthy, always at Yoga or Pilates and generally kicking ass at living, we all have those “trouble areas” on our butts, thighs or tummies. In fact, some people are just genetically predisposed to carrying and storing pockets of fat in different areas. So if you are concerned about stubborn pockets of fat that are immune to diet and exercise Body Catalyst uses state of the art, non-invasive technologies that act as a catalyst to help stimulate and improve the natural processes of the body, helping you achieve your body love goals.


A targeted controlled cooling process using a special vacuumed applicator is placed onto an area of fat on the body and lowers the treatment area to -9C. I chose to target my inner thighs.

Clinical studies show fat cells cannot survive at this temperature and so it effectively kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination.

Once crystallized the fat cells slowly break down and are transported through the lymphatic system to the liver where they processed out of the body as waste. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they are gone for good….

At my treatment, I had a Nutrition Consultation with the beautiful Amy who believes in a healthy balanced diet for a sustainable lifestyle.

I love her philosophy of supporting and aligning with this treatment, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about body love and healthy eating. One of the guidelines is not to drink Coffee 2 hrs before treatment and no alcohol for 24 hrs prior. Then 2 Litres or more of purified water after the treatment to help flush out impurities and toxins.

So, after the cooling process kills the fat cells, they’re attacked by white blood cells, which convert them to triglycerides that are then metabolised by the liver and eliminated.

The process results in a 20-30% fat reduction. The best bit? Once those fat cells are gone, they’re gone forever!!! YAY! After the 2-hour treatment was over, I only had a day of numbness, plus slight tenderness that went away in a few hours.

I am going back to Body Catalyst in 10-12 weeks to track my progress, as it takes that time for your body to flush out the dead cells via your lymph system. I will let you know my experience and results! I LOVE that this is a non surgical holistic approach for fat reduction.


Level 1, 116 Spring Street
Bondi Junction, NSW

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So, one of the hottest beauty treatments in Bondi uses cold therapy.

Polar Bare Club Cryotherapy

This treatment supports blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage. What is the first thing you do when you are in pain from an injury?

Hello an ice pack.

For ever we’ve know instinctively that that something about ice makes us feel better when we are in pain.

Cryotherapy is an ultra-cold treatment designed to shock the body into action by revving up blood circulation and boosting the immune and central nervous systems. And when we say cold, we’re talking minus 140c

To give you an idea of how cold that is, home freezers are chilled to minus 18c and it’s minus  89c in Antarctica!!!


As a result, the body detoxifies itself more easily. The treatment cleanses the skin and removes waste substances, also the metabolism is activated and the body burns calories. The process has been shown to relieve soreness and inflammatory conditions, it also stimulates the autonomic nervous system, your breathing, heartbeat and digestive systems…

The benefits of Cryotherapy for Beauty, Health, Muscle Recovery and Detox

  • Reduction of wrinkles through the boosted production of collagen
  • Activation of the metabolism through burning extra calories
  • Reduction of cellulite, acne and pimples through improved blood circulation and drainage of toxins
  • Firmer skin
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves sleep
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Natural detox for body and skin
  • Closes pores
  • Faster recovery after surgery
  • Treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Strengthens nails

So, what was my experience? Within seconds of warming up, I felt alive. I knew from my research that what I was experiencing was an insane supercharged rush of endorphins the feel-good result of putting your body into total shock.

This rush is why so many people are obsessed with cryotherapy, YES it’s a true high. it’s a thrill followed by a rush of pride. YAY I did it!

Your body works harder to heat and transport blood, resulting in increased metabolism and calorie expenditure.

Consequently, it’s been reported that 500-800 calories are burned as a result of each session! ICE ICE BABY.


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