Scientifically formulated with the most recent Science based technology, these products aim to achieve high level efficacy in terms of Anti-ageing, Beautifying, Skin renewal, Liver and Gut Health! 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably exhausted the kale and goji berries in your morning green smoothie, not to mention the LSA seeds and apple cider vinegar that have long outstayed their welcome in your pantry. Like you, I am always in the market for something new and super powerful and healthy!

Purify Cleanse heavily supports our Mother Organ, the “LIVER” I have so much love for this product.

The liver and the colon do most of the detoxification and elimination work but when they are overloaded, toxins can transfer into fat cells, mess with your hormones and steal your energy. The bottom line is if you don’t detoxify effectively, you’ll have trouble losing weight, your skin will be duller and you’ll lose your enrgy/mojo.

This is why its so important to support your health with this type of elite product!

Containing a clinically trialled ingredient in which silybin, one of the main bioactive constituents in milk thistle, is associated with Non-GMO soy phospholipids to significantly improve bioavailability. This maintains healthy liver function, protecting it from oxidative stress!

Intrametica have the most divine supplements that give me a beauty glow and make me feel SO good inside and glow outside…

If you feel that your health and wellbeing could do with a boost, turn to the Intrametica® range of certified organic health products that contains clinically proven bioactive botanicals to support liver and gut detoxification as well as gut healing, gentle elimination via the bowel, and blood purification to support clear, radiant skin from within.

Purify Body Cleanse is a perfect complement to both Collagen Ultimate+ and Toned Protein Boost forming the ultimate premium body beautiful product suite.
Designed by the Beautiful Naturopath Angela Smith. She has got a handle on the latest underground superfood, herbal medicine and super beautiful nutritional science secrets!

I love to incorporate a daily detox … On a side note of emotional detox, it is incredibly interesting to know that Harvard researchers looked at studies from around the world and found that having an angry outburst makes you almost 5x more likely to have a heart attack, and 3x more likely to have a stroke. The risk can lingers up to 2 hours after, and continues much longer if you hold the emotions inside.

I believe that in Traditional Chinese Medicine that the Liver is the mother of the heart. We all know that stress has a HUGE impact on our health. We need to support this!!!

When a person is under ongoing stress or is holding onto grudges, the liver energy becomes compromised and cannot offer support to the heart meridian contributes. This contributes to blockages in its flow of Qi (energy).

This Purify Cleanse uses scientifically formulated ingredients to support, stimulate and enhance your system – in just a delicious dose of water daily.

With ingredients like Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Broccoli, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, Organic Cacao and Turmeric plus many more science based evidence to give your system the love and support it needs. When you look after your liver, it is your fat burning organ and it will thrive at optimum function!!!

The key ingredients included in Purify Body Cleanse target optimal detoxification by protecting against oxidative damage, aid in the detoxification of environmental toxins, and neutralise free-radical toxins.





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