“Bonnee Fahlstrom’s services were recommended to me by my GP following a diagnosis of treatment for Helicobacter Pylori. I went for a consultation to her & was put on a diet combining the principles of Naturopathy & Nutrition. Bonnee provided a comprehensive & realistic eating plan that was easy to follow. Within a month my symptoms had subsided & my overall health & wellbeing were back on track. I was energised, and I got well enough to return to physical training. I really appreciated the down to earth approach that Bonnee took to my treatment. Her whole treatment plan came about through an honest in-depth conversation that took into consideration my personality, my lifestyle & my goals, both short & long term & she didn’t limit it to just my medical diagnosis, her approach was a holistic one & for me, I think that’s why her plan just seems sensible, achievable & effective.

Despite being given the all clear from my doctor & no longer suffering any symptoms of my illness, I have decided to incorporate the health & nutrition advice that Bonnee provided into my daily routine.

I would highly recommend Bonnee for any specific or general Nutritional & Naturopathic needs you may have.”

Dave, Sydney

“I recently came across Bonnee at very challenging point in my life. In moments like these I found myself turning to bad/toxic foods and overall self neglect. I was drawn to Bonnee because of her gorgeous genuine spirit and her exemplary knowledge of health and wellbeing. In the midst of this discovery I was in the process of booking surgery to confirm a diagnosis of Endometriosis – so short end of the story there was a lot going on that indicated my body wasn’t a happy camper!

Upon receiving Bonnee’s plan I was overwhelmed because I was so afraid I couldn’t achieve the things Bonnee had set out for me and I knew this would be life changing- it was and continues to be, instantly Bonnee put me at ease and having a solid structure in place along with education made feel like my goals were realistic and achievable.

Bonnee’s gorgeous nature and health plan benefits are endless, I have achieved healthy weight loss that has left me feeling sooo much healthier from the inside out. I continue to lose weight without feeling depleted. I have loads more energy than I have ever had in my life. Most importantly Bonnee has taught me to treasure myself and my body before anything else and not to allow anything to compromise that. Bonnee is also very understanding of human nature and helps to take the pressure away so that while I go through the motions I remember to be patient with myself and listen to my own body. So much of the inflammation in my body had reduced that all my hormonal symptoms have ceased which has resulted in my surgery being cancelled all together! Bonnee is always so lovely, positive, reassuring and super efficient – Bonnee always makes time for me and her support is endless. Truly admire and respect this gorgeous woman and I hope many others will have the privilege of knowing her.”

Jayne, Melbourne

“Instead of continuing to spin around in my own confused thoughts fueled by health magazines/books, friends’ eating trends, or grocery store advertising, Bonnee gave me informative & customised approaches that kept me in constant action rather than standing on the outside observing what others say or do. Nothing is worse than feeling stuck. Bonnee was able to help me focus on opportunities for change rather than to settle for the same old habits that didn’t produce results. I cut out a lot of hidden sugar, quit sugar drinks (and really all artificial sweeteners) and added more much needed nutrients. I finally feel like I am keeping my goals and moving forward! Bonnee’s expertise, commitment, availability and genuineness brought out the best in me and my approach to health & wellness. I highly recommend working with Bonnee! A life changer!”

John, Melbourne

“I have literally tried every diet under the sun! Lemon detox, Paleo, Lo cal, you name it I’ve suffered through it! I’ve also read every book. With so many questions and confusions to follow. I’ve been lucky enough to know Bonnee since I was 13 and after a long time of following her journey I decided to reach out to her for some much needed advice and guidance. After two weeks I honestly had friends and strangers commenting on how my (already green eyes) looked SO GREEN. I noticed my skin also looked clean and refreshed (ladies without make up!) also my body felt lighter and more energised. She’s amazing!!! She follows up, is caring and is honestly concerned with how you feel. If you need further guidance she is there! She’s not about a diet. She’s about living a better you! I’m so happy to know her and proud to say she has done an incredible Job of helping not only me, but a number of other people!! Thank you Beautiful Girl. Keep that beautiful light of yours shining xxx”

Chloe, Los Angeles

“Bonnee’s philosophies about nutrition have really helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing a very busy life. Her program isn’t focused on just losing weight, it’s more about a complete mind, body and health experience for long term health.”

Matthew, Melbourne

“Bonnee has changed my life forever. I couldn’t digest food, i was allergic to everything! Bonnee has helped me to lose weight, gain energy and has brought confidence into my life. Bonnee’s genuine interest and care for her clients is the reason why she is so amazing at what she does!”

Chrystie, Sydney

“I met Bonnee when I decided to finally take a hold of my weight. I was quite embarrassed (I was 19 and bigger that I had ever been) Bonnee automatically made me feel at ease. She was friendly, supportive and most importantly non-judgmental. She would constantly give me praise and recognition for my hard work but would also encourage me to push that little bit harder. She would assist me in devising eating plans and would always monitor my progress- though she wouldn’t tread lightly when I ate that Nutella toast! Bonnee was more than a health consultant to me, she became a mentor and most importantly a friend and I thank her for her dedication, hard work and beautiful demeanor in helping me reach my weight goals.”

Sophia, Sydney

“When I began Bonnee’s program I began to see results immediately. I lost the unwanted pounds and felt much more mentally focused. The impact she has made in my energy level and over all health has been amazing.”

Tony, Melbourne

“Thank you beautiful Bonnee… I highly recommend. Health & Fitness has been my passion since aged 19, & even going back to class at the Australian Institute of Fitness at age 50 (yikes), so my health was good, but I needed more information, a kick to boost things up prior to my trip overseas.

Bonnee helped me (& my daughter) with a personalized PLAN! I’m really trying to keep “the bod” more alkaline!!! I suggest to contact Bonnee if you may also be needing or wanting that help/assistance/guidance!”

Vivian, Melbourne

“The one thing that stood out to me when I met Bonnee was her genuine caring and friendly demeanor, which made it very easy to feel relaxed and immediately at ease in her presence. Not only is Bonnee a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, she is super organized, competent and efficient. I can confidently recommend Bonnee to anyone who may be fortunate enough to utilize her skills and experience as she is a superior health provider.”

Leesa, Queensland

“I first met the beautiful Bonnee Fahlstrom while she was studying and was so impressed by her knowledge and her approach to foods as medicine. Bonnee was such an incredible source of information and advice. Her care and enthusiasm had me reaching my goals very quickly and her warmth and humor made it all that much easier.“

Charlotte, Sydney

“I felt very drawn to Bonnee because of my interest in the holistic / natural way of life and healing. Her depth of knowledge and understanding was both refreshing and insightful. I would look forward to seeing her so I could discuss any thoughts or ideas I had on nutrition and life. I had just had a baby so was at home a lot and I found myself looking forward to my time spent with Bonnee. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge she is also kind, compassionate, caring and professional. I have the utmost respect for her because I personally know her commitment to her work. She definitely lives what she preaches. I highly recommend her services! You are truly inspiring a beautiful soul.”

Morgan, Sydney

“I don’t know if I will get over my eating disorder but I do not want to lose anymore time with “too much thinking”. I funnily feel at peace now and eat healthily. I don’t fear going out any more or being invited to a restaurant. I have made peace with my plate. I must admit that you got my full attention on to what to do to retrain my brain, improve my health and detoxify my body. You have reminded me it is okay to indulge and I feel human. Thank you for your ongoing support and guidance I have a positive relationship with my body now.”

Elsa, Switzerland

“Bonnee teaches you how to get to the root of your weight issues, she is so consistent with her informative knowledge. I really learn’t so much from her.”

Jason, Sydney

“Bonnee’s philosophies about nutrition have really helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing a very busy life. Her program isn’t focused on just losing weight, it’s more about a complete mind, body and health experience for long term health.”

James, Melbourne

“I feel incredibly healthy on this diet. I am physically stronger and more energetic than ever! I am less prone to mood swings! YAY! When i began the diet, i was not trying to loose weight, but after a few months 5KGS disappeared and never returned!”

Leah, Sydney

“I am loving the new food/style plan and am filled with so much gratitude that I have been connected with Bonnee and get to walk this road along side the beautiful girl!!!! Here is to flat stomachs!!! I love my plan.”

Maureen, California